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Reports and whitepapers 

2023 Gartner Emerging Tech: Use Generative AI to transform Conversational AI solutions

Gartner’s report defines Combinatorial AI as “using multiple emerging AI technologies and trends in combination to uncover new and better values and capabilities. 

2023 Magic quadrant for Conversational AI platforms® recognized for the second consecutive year as the Only Visionary in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Conversational AI platforms. was featured...

Special Report: The rise of chatbots and interactive virtual assistants

As we’re getting ready to go to print, ChatGPT from was opened to the public, and impressed with its uncanny ability to generate text when given a prompt.  We decided...

Eva: A planning-based explanatory collaborative dialogue system

Eva is a multimodal conversational system that helps users to accomplish their domain goals through collaborative dialogue. Eva is a collaborative “planning-based” dialogue system...

Case Studies 

Insurance: Mitigate risk of catastrophic events and increase customer satisfaction

A global insurance company utilized Artificial Intelligence (AI) to power their risk management efforts and selected Eva™, Openstream’s advanced Conversational AI platform, as their solution.

Contact Centers: Increase FTR rate with the deployment of an Intelligent Virtual Assistant

A large U.S. Contact Center selected Openstream’s advanced Conversational AI platform, Eva™, to develop and deploy an intelligent, multimodal Virtual Assistant offering customers a “self-service” option...

Field force automation: Increase efficiency of field operations and reduce field errors

One of the Largest U.S. City’s Human Resources Administration (HRA) Turns to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Increase Efficiency of Field Operations and Reduces Field Errors by 32%.