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Our flagship platform uses a visionary neuro-symbolic engine that enables end-users to interact with sophisticated multimodal virtual agents naturally on any channel and in any language to achieve their goals without back-end complexity, scripts, or hallucinations. 

Enterprise Virtual Assistant
What We Do

Conversational AI for Visionaries

Meet Eva, the multimodal, plan-based Conversational Artificial Intelligence (CAI) platform from Openstream.

EvaTM engages with your customers on a deeper level by understanding their goals and working with them to achieve them. With the ability to communicate seamlessly in multiple languages and modalities, Eva can connect with your audience on a human-like level, offering natural and empathetic conversations that cater to their needs.

2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™® recognized for the second consecutive year as the Only Visionary in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Conversational AI platforms.  Learn more.




what makes EVA different?

Eva is a multimodal, plan-based, ethical Enterprise-Class Conversational AI

AI Virtual Agents

Advanced Virtual Assistants for your website or app without a script

AI Avatars

The persona of your brand embodied as a fully trained, multimodal entity

AI Voice Agents

Speak to users with natural, human-like conversation in any language



Engage your audience across modalities including Avatars, Text, Speech, Telephony, Gestures, Images and more. 

Engage humanly

There are no limits to how two people engaged in a dialogue use words, tones, gestures, eye contact, and facial expressions to communicate meaning and intent throughout the dialogue. 

Be Empathetic

Dialogue between people uses emotion, tone, and a variety of non-verbal queues to relay feelings and intentions between one another.  Without empathy, a conversation is just words without understanding.



Understand a user's intentions and collaboratively problem-solve with them to achieve a goal without a script.

 Infer Intent

Understand the unsaid by inferring user intent and work with users to plan around obstacles to achieve their goals.

No Script Needed

Eva reasons in real-time and decides what to say by perceiving users' intentions, and goals, and responds intelligently - without a script.



Deploy Eva's multimodal runtime on the edge for iOS and Android Apps and deliver Conversational AI almost anywhere.


The Eva App supports Local AI models, Neurosymbolic AI logic, a view renderer, an interaction manager, and related components to deliver your Conversational AI use cases.


Eva's server empowers Eva's runtime application manager and mobile operating systems (iOS and Android) to ensure your users can interact with your apps on their local networks and devices.



Openstream's experts have been working on the cutting edge of what's possible in AI for over 20 years to provide you with the best.

Patent portfolio

Our growing portfolio of patents represents our unique approaches to delivering the most state-of-the-art Enterprise-Class Conversational AI ecosystem and related capabilities for visionary customers.


We have some of the most world-renowned experts in their fields delivering mind-blowing research across AI, human-computer dialogue, multimodal interaction, computational linguistics, natural language understanding, and more.



Eva's is built on a foundation of reasoning & inference, explainability, trust, data governance, and privacy protection.

Know why

Understand Eva' reasoning, explain and fix it if reaches an incorrect or unwarranted conclusion.

reduce risk

Trust in Human-AI relationships requires the protection of user data and the enforcement of privacy policies from system training to active dialogue.

Conversational ai at work

What can you do with conversational AI?

More than a simple chatbot, Enterprise-class Conversational AI helps your business to drive growth, efficiencies and scale

01. improve cSAT

Transform your customer experience and increase satisfaction, reducing wait times while improving engagement and loyalty with improved call containment.


02. reduce operating costs

Automate repetitive tasks, streamline lengthy or inefficient processes, and optimize customer interactions efficiently. Focus existing resources on high-value interactions.


03. Increase Engagement

Deliver highly personalized experiences in your brand voice across all channels. Leverage conversational data to continuously learn and improve.

Conversational ai at work

Solutions that Matter

Create personalized and empathetic Conversational AI experiences for prospects, employees, and customers that represent the best attributes of your brand.

Customer Service

Help customers achieve their goals by having a conversation with an AI agent that embodies your brand persona on any channel, language, or device.

Help Desk

Employees can have conversations with an AI agent to ask about company policies, payroll, and expenses, get IT support, and more.


Boost employee productivity and satisfaction by automating tasks, providing insights from data, and enabling faster decision-making.

the industries we serve

Our customers leverage Enterprise-Class Conversational AI across all industries including these:

our visionary customers

We empower some of the world's biggest brands to realize the benefits of Enterprise-Class Conversational AI. Here are just a few.

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Enterprise-Class Conversational AI is not cookie-cutter. Let us show you how your unique business and needs can benefit from our visionary platform.