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Enterprise-Class Multimodal, Plan-Based Conversational AI for Contact Center

Conversational AI for Contact Center
Conversational ai at work

What can Eva™ do for your contact center?

More than a simple chatbot, Enterprise-class Conversational AI helps your contact center to drive growth, efficiency and scale

Improve Customer Satisfaction with EVA from

01. Improve CSAT ratings

Enhance your customers' satisfaction by offering them a seamless experience with immersive self-service alternatives available in multiple languages and channels, while reducing waiting times through automation.

Improve Customer Satisfaction with EVA from

02. Reduce Operating Costs

Decrease your operational costs by streamlining repetitive tasks, optimizing convoluted or ineffective procedures, and elevating customer engagements.

Reduce Operating Costs with EVA from

03. Increase User Engagement 

Elevate your user engagement with the introduction of advanced conversational AI assistants that mimic human interactions. These intelligent assistants are capable of engaging in meaningful, unscripted conversations and proactively resolving complex customer queries with ease.

Lower Agent Attrition with EVA from Openstream

04. Lower Agent Attrition

Boost agent retention rates and enhance their job satisfaction by empowering them with assistive technology. Our advanced conversational AI agents take care of mundane manual tasks, freeing up your human agents to provide top-notch service and excel at what they do best.

Increase FTR rate with the Deployment of an Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Large U.S. Contact Center Achieves 25% Increase in Agent Productivity with Addition of AI Virtual Assistant

what makes EVA different?

Eva is a multimodal, plan-based, ethical Enterprise-Class Conversational AI



Engage your audience across modalities including Avatars, Text, Speech, Telephony, Gestures, Images and more. 

Engage humanly

There are no limits to how two people engaged in a dialogue use words, tones, gestures, eye contact, and facial expressions to communicate meaning and intent throughout the dialogue. 

Be Empathetic

Dialogue between people uses emotion, tone, and a variety of non-verbal queues to relay feelings and intentions between one another.  Without empathy, a conversation is just words without understanding.



Understand a user's intentions and collaboratively problem-solve with them to achieve a goal without a script.

 Infer Intent

Understand the unsaid by inferring user intent and work with users to plan around obstacles to achieve their goals.

No Script Needed

Eva reasons in real-time and decides what to say by perceiving users' intentions, and goals, and responds intelligently - without a script.



Eva's is built on a foundation of reasoning & inference, explainability, trust, data governance, and privacy protection.

Know why

Understand Eva' reasoning, explain and fix it if reaches an incorrect or unwarranted conclusion.

reduce risk

Trust in Human-AI relationships requires the protection of user data and the enforcement of privacy policies from system training to active dialogue.



Openstream's experts have been working on the cutting edge of what's possible in AI for over 20 years to provide you with the best.

Patent portfolio

Our growing portfolio of patents represents our unique approaches to delivering the most state-of-the-art Enterprise-Class Conversational AI ecosystem and related capabilities for visionary customers.


We have some of the most world-renowned experts in their fields delivering mind-blowing research across AI, human-computer dialogue, multimodal interaction, computational linguistics, natural language understanding, and more.

Innovators Across Industries Trust®

Industry leaders have trusted® to realize the true potential of their AI investments

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industries we serve

Our customers leverage Enterprise-Class Conversational AI across all industries including these:

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