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The rise of chatbots and interactive virtual assistants

The Rise of Chatbots and Interactive Virtual Assistants Cover


We have seen tremendous progress recently in employing Conversational AI technology across various industries and related use cases. Use cases vary from simple text or voice-based chatbots answering FAQs to virtual assistants helping users accomplish their goals to embodied virtual agents that reflect human empathy.

However, until recently, endowing conversations with virtual agents that are more natural, going beyond classically limited intent+slot models, has been elusive. In this exclusive report from KMWorld and, you will get an overview of:

  • Generative AI and ChatGPT
  • Challenges and Conversational Pitfalls
  • Current State of Conversational AI
  • Challenges of Conversational AI Being Solved
  • What are the possibilities with Conversational AI?

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