Quality Assurance Lead


Quality Assurance Lead, Product Engineering, reporting to the Vice President of Engineering


The candidate must have completed a post-graduate degree with an emphasis on Information Technology or a related field.


The candidate will have spent a significant amount of time in a QA leadership role before joining Openstream. The candidate is a developer and is expected to be fluent in Linux, JSON, Python, and Java.


Openstream.ai is growing its product team! Come join an innovative and thoughtful group of engineers that are committed to developing the best platform for conversational, cognitive agents in the world. Surround yourself with a talented team of linguists, deep-learning specialists, dialog researchers, user experience professionals, and others. Our team has been at this for over 20 years and we are hoping that you will join us in achieving a grand vision. One where agents understand their customers’ needs and help them achieve their goals. Agents that explain their reasoning in a conversational manner. That has a facility for solving problems within their domain. And, that is able to communicate fluidly in a multimodal fashion, so as to engage with us humans as effectively as possible for a piece of software.

 We can see it. Come make it happen with us.


The Quality Assurance Lead for Product Engineering is responsible for developing Openstream’s QA program. They will be tasked with recommending tools, processes, and platforms to improve the QA metrics of the product team. They will jointly lead in the further development of our test automation and our CI/CD pipelines. At Openstream, we encourage all of our developers to author tests (unit for themselves; function/integration for others). We envision the QA Lead mentoring and training the entire development team in QA practice, seeking to improve such skills across the entire team. Naturally, this might lead to growth into a QA team reporting to the new lead. As that happens, the candidate will be expected to develop the case for the roles, their recruitment, training, supervision, and mentoring of those recruits.

Additional Experience

Among the skills we are seeking in the best candidates is an Agile-QA-Test attitude and set of principles that the candidate can share with the broader team at Openstream. Necessarily, the candidate will have demonstrated leadership, charisma, and the ability to make a compelling case in writing and in face-to-face pitches. The candidate will have a substantial technical pedigree in several forms of agile and automated testing, developing pipelines with CI/CD, and test planning and execution. Knowledge of logical or functional approaches is a plus. The candidate must have shipped containerized products into Kubernetes cloud environments.


We are building a cohesive distributed team within a globally distributed company. The majority of our team members live in India, Australia, and across the US, and while we do have offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Jersey, and Melbourne, and we are considering Seattle, all our meetings are location-agnostic and happen online. This role will primarily engage with teams in the US and Australia and consequently, those working in these time zones will be preferred. We value learning, introspection and reflection, and we’re always looking for ways to improve as a team and as individuals, so ours is a culture that values candor and speaking out.


In this role, candidates can work remotely from the following countries: the United States and Australia. Travel is not a key component of this role.