Eva™ for Financial Services

Empower your customers with hyper-personalized and efficient digital experiences

Stakeholder Challenges


  • Are you looking to accelerate digitization with AI as a business strategy?

  • Are you looking for an AI solution to bring more predictability to your banking operations with in-depth analytics?

Director - Digital Banking

  • Are you looking to address the current and future needs of the customer while delivering intuitive omnichannel experiences?

  • Do you want to provide customers a better experience on your current platforms by optimizing and automating tasks?

Technology Architect

  • Are you looking for a no-code or low-code virtual assistant that can sync with your existing client-agent ecosystem?

  • Do you want to use a multimodal digital banking assistant to centralize interactions across several platforms?

Eva™ for Financial Services

An AI-powered self-service digital engagement solution supporting context-aware multimodal interactions. It integrates seamlessly with backend applications to provide an immersive customer experience, leveraging continuous real-time intelligence

  • Leveraging AI to reduce operational costs, de-risk and stay compliant
  • Improve loan and credit decision-making processes
  • Automate the customer investment journey
Eva™ for Finance

Solution Traits

Digitize your business with AI-first technologies that improve customer response time while enabling your customer service representatives to offer value to each interaction

Ambient Augmentation

Self-service banking assistant with a focus on context persistence across devices and digital channels, achieving desired results

Business Scalability

Single platform addressing several use cases to quickly achieve business scalability involving multiple users and functions simultaneously

Demystifying Complexities

Uses real-time analytics to extract meaningful insights and suggestions by analyzing large amounts of data from multiple sources

Ethical AI

Eva™ de-risks AI using transparent, secure, inclusive, and compliant practices for improved engagement